Abandoned City Near Paris

Written by Bryce

On the outskirts of Paris is Goussainville, an abandoned city just to the north.

With very few residents left, Goussanville is quickly becoming a decayed and tattered piece of mid-century French history.

Goussainville-Vieux Pays was once a postcard perfect town, but less than a year before CDG opened in 1974 a plane crashed into it, destroying several houses and killing six crew and eight locals. The destruction caused many of the townspeople to evacuate immediately, with others following over the course of the subsequent year as the sound traffic from the airport and sorrow for the devastation of their town became too much. Now only a few residents remain.

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…Over the years it seems squatters have moved in, as evident from the occasional mattress, the usual signs of graffiti tagging, as well as smashed glass bottles. Despite this, the town maintains a beautiful eeriness.

The scene is a mix of grim and enchanting. Evidence of normal lives is scattered about– old toys, weathered furniture, and long-forgotten wallpaper still remain.

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