Did You Know Rich Indian Men Wear Solid Gold Shirts?

solid gold shirt
Written by Gary

In India, if you are super wealthy and extremely tacky, you wear a shirt made of solid gold.

solid gold shirt

Let’s face it, some parts of India are absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. In other cases, India is where good taste goes to die. Pankaj Parakh, an Indian textile magnate and local politician celebrated his 45th birthday by purchasing a 4-kilogram gold shirt worth over $200,000.

If Pankaj ever ‘gave you the shirt off his back’ you could buy a house with it. The garment was created by Bafna Jewelers in Nashik, hand-crafted by 20 select artisans who spent over 3,200 hours in labor time. Even though it is made of solid gold, the shirt is flexible and comfortable; lined with cloth on the inside. It can also be washed, hand-dried, and is guaranteed to last a lifetime (as it should).

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Pankaj is a self-made man who dropped out of school in 1982 to take over the family business. He also spends a lot of time and money on charity, so I applaud his endeavors and respect his tackiness, as I am no stranger to a can of gold spray paint.

My only concern is that he never walks down a dark alley alone.

solid gold shirt

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