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Accessories Spotting: Kate Spade Goes Punk?

Written by Casey

From Preppy to Punk

I used to think of Kate Spade as a very preppy brand, in which people would wear to their country clubs in Westchester and Greenwhich with their collared shirts, and strand of pearls. Recently I took a trip to their Soho store and was pleasantly surprised at their change in audience.

The brand now has a line of adorable bangles that quote famous lyrics from Rock and Roll songs such as “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” “Rock the Casbah” and “London Calling,” each retailing for $88. Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea that they are broadening their audience and buyers which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales, and more of a young, hip, and edgier brand.

What do you think: Should Kate Spade stay to true to their classic preppy designs, or try to get younger and edgier buyers?

Images via Kate Spade

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