Accessories Spotting: Vintage Cleopatra Earrings

Written by Casey

Okay so they didn’t actually belong to Cleopatra. But judging these objects by their looks, (the only way to judge anything of course) she totally would have rocked these if she lived in Paris in the eighties.

I feel like its always our wrists and feet that have the most fun. We are so obsessed with our shoes and stacking on piles of bracelets that recently our attention has drifted away from what goes on ears. Clare Dave is the designer of all of these stunning creations. Her design and quality is exceptional and her talents have graced many notable fashion houses such as Chanel, Claude Montana and Jean Paul Gaultier.

These earrings are vintage from France and were designed and made in the 1980s. For the amount of sparkle, stones, and diamonds they are actually reasonably priced at $650.

You can purchase these vintage earrings online here.

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