Adapt Your Old Computer Into a Dog Bed For GB’s of Fun.

Written by Ashley

Your Dog’s a Geek and You Know It.

Like many youngsters with a race car driver fantasy, that day that the parents give in and double park a race car bed left of the Hermit Crab cage is a legitimate dream come true.  But what about the wee puppy in your life? Don’t you think they have a dreams?! Dreams of becoming a computer programmer, coding specialist or the next CEO of Twitter? These dreams are worthy of converting that busted monitor in the corner of your office into a suitable spot for your pup to plot his internet takeover.

That busted monitor in the corner of your office is waiting to make your pupster’s dreams come true. I see visions of your pup @woofymcdogstein lookin pretty damn comfortable.

Image suprisingly not via an iPhone, but via Flickr.

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