Afro Tree Graffiti Art

afro tree graffiti
Written by Gary

Afro tree graffiti is seems to be a new trend in defacing public property. By incorporating a tree into the design, graffiti artists have found a way to take the artform from vandalism-adjacent to eco-friendly “green” art.

afro tree graffiti

Graffiti has long been thought of as a low type of art, created by faceless people who rush by in the middle of the night, do their thing, get their rush, and leave without signing their name. I am not going to say that in the past I have spray painted penises on a number of buildings, but you can assume that there is no act in existence that involves a penis that I have not committed at one point or another.

Now more than ever, atypical artistic styles like graffiti are more accepted and embraced, and artists are able to put more thought and expression into it. So creating a 3D graffiti afro piece is naturally the next step. Popping up in places like Belgium and San Francisco, afro tree graffiti seems to be the next big thing in street art. If you have noticed any of this on your travels, feel free to snap a pic and Instagram it to us at @LuxurySpot.

For now, I will just sit idly and wait for someone to spray paint a bad-ass tree-afro portrait of Pam Grier.

afro tree graffiti

afro tree graffiti

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