Are You Poo-Shy? Try Airpnp

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Inspired by Airbnb, Airpnp locates available nearby toilets.


Anyone who lives in a city knows that when someone says: “I need to go to Starbucks”, they either have a caffeine addiction or a turtle-head poking out. Starbs bathrooms are well known as the most disgusting places on Earth, not only because they are open to homeless people, but because they are also open to everyone else. I don’t care what you say, everyone is fucking disgusting, homeless, female, or otherwise.

Airpnp aims to offer a friendlier alternative to Starbucks, by letting residents and businesses rent out their bathrooms to strangers, per use. Users can also rate their experiences, to let others know how nice the facilities are.

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First conceived in New Orleans (where else?), co-founders Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin have revealed the app is most popular in New Orleans and Antwerp, Belgium.

I can totally understand why people would love this app, and the name is absolutely awesome, but I don’t think I would use it in Belgium. New Orleans is one thing, because you might end up meeting someone and having an awesome night out just from borrowing their crapper, but in Belgium I would be a little worried about being shuffled into a brown burlap sack and sold into the sex trade.

The movie Hostel was shot somewhere near that country, right?

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