This is Not a Normal House

purple house
Written by Gary

This house looks normal from the outside, but the inside is decorated in nothing but purple.

purple house

Everyone has a favorite color, but as any designer will tell you, decorating with your favorite color is a bad idea. Whoever decorated this house did not get that memo, because they designed everything from carpets to chandeliers, in purple.

First off, purple is probably one of the worst colors you can use to decorate. This house looks like Grimace ate too many McRibs and suffered a fatal asshole explosion.

Second, even if you do decide to use purple in your décor, a light shade of lavender or a dark shade of plum is the only tasteful way to do it. The violent shade of violet these people went with is burning my corneas right out of my eye sockets.

Third, even if you choose a horrible shade of purple, you might be able to make up for it with tasteful looking appliances and furniture. This house looks like it was decorated solely from a “back to school dorm special” sale on Walmart.com.

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The moral of the story is, you should never decorate your house using only one color, but even if you do, that color should never, ever be purple.

purple house

purple house

purple house

purple house


purple house

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