Amazing Fake Tanning Fails

tanning disasters
Written by Gary

Sometimes people just take self-tanning too far. Enjoy our fave tanning fails:

tanning disasters

Tanorexia is alive and well, people, and if these photos are any indication, we need to band together as a country and do something about Florida and New Jersey before it’s too late.

I have never been in a tanning bed, but that’s probably because aside from my 1/2 pure-white-Southern background I’m also 1/2 South East Asian. Meaning, I came with slightly tanned skin out of my mom’s bidness. Now that winter is approaching, I have been thinking a little about it though. Even though I never really get that white, I feel like I look sicklier during the winter months, so I feel like a little color might boost my mood and help me stave off winter depression. Looking at these photos however, I think I will just accept my golem-like winter look. Because there is nothing in the world, not even the most prestigious body-building competition in the universe that can excuse the crimes against tanning that these people have committed.

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When it comes to self-tanning, if you have ever wondered ‘what not to do’, let these photos be your guide.

tanning disasters tanning disasters tanning disasters tanning disasters

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