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unique streets
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The street you grew up on probably holds a slew of great memories for you, but I would be willing to bet there are a lot more amazing streets out there in the world, even more awesome than the one upon which you grew your first pube. One of my favorite things to do when I am traveling is take photos of unique and interesting streets, and then Instragram the Hell out of them. Here are five unique streets from around the world, to get your inspiration flowing.

unique streets

Blue Street, Chefchaouen, Morocco
Yes, it looks like Smurfette had explosive diarrhea after ingesting some spice-laden Morrocan food, but you can still absolutely enjoy the beauty of the Blue Street. The street was originally painted blue by the Jewish refugees who lived there during the 1930s, but now it just serves as a beautiful backdrop for the surrounding mountains.
unique streets
Vila de Gracia, Barcelona, Spain.
Vila de Gracia stands for historic old center, and the streets contained within are uniquely laid out for street parties, involving contests for the best decorated streets.
unique streets
Floating Umbrella Street, Portugal.
This floating umbrella street in Agueda was set up as part of the Agitagueda art festival. Although the decoration has been done before, it has become a tradition in the city, and is also great for avoiding skin cancer.

unique streets
Cracked Stones Street, Enschede, The Netherlands.
A street called Rombeek is the urban core of the city of Enschede. In the past the stream that runs the length of the street was underground, but has since been brought back to the surface and has turned into an architectural installation.
unique streets
Geometric Streets, Vercorin, Switzerland.
Every year during the summer, the village of Vercorin in Switzerland invites artists to come and create public artwork. This installation was created by Lang/Baumann in 2010, as a sharp contrast to the old, historical houses the lined the street. The idea was to create a geometric pattern that mimicked the street directions to the central village square.

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