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Amazing Things Coconut Water Does for Your Health

coconut water
Written by emilyc

coconut water

I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered why coconut water is such a craze. Some people love it, while others abhor its strange translucency and questionable, varying tastes. Well, if you’re one of the one who abhor it, this is definitely something worth changing your mind about. Read on to find out why.

Skin: Coconut water contains Cytokinins which minimize the aging of skin cells and keep connective tissue strong and hydrated. You can also slap some right on your cellulite and see what happens – because apparently something does happen. Oh, and you can take it easy on the Proactiv, too. Just pour some VitaCoco on your acne.

Energy levels: Kick coffee to the curb in favor of coconut water. Coconut water will give you way more potassium than anything else will, and it’s absolutely packed with energy-boosting vitamins and minerals.

Weight loss: Since everyone in the world is trying to lose weight (except for my manorexic roommate), it should be brought to the world’s attention that coconut water increases metabolism.

Digestive problems: Coconut water has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which fight against a vast array of gastrointestinal infections. It’s also a lifesaver if you have heartburn or other acid-related problems.

Cardiovascular health: High blood pressure usually means low potassium levels, thus people with high blood pressure should totally go for coconut water. Also, recent studies have proven that it contributes to an increase in HDL – the good cholesterol.

Dehydration: Coconut water is top-notch when it comes to treating dehydration. Its high potassium levels do wonders for regulating internal fluids.


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