15 Amazing Uses for Common Household Items

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You’d be amazed by how useful some of the things lying around your house can be. That Gatorade is more than just a tasty drink, and who knows what else you can use that olive oil for?

Here are some pretty epic uses for these simple household items:

  1. Stuffy Nose — Got nasal congestion? Skip out on the costly inhaler, and try chewing on a few Altoids. The “Curiously Strong Mints” will go a long way towards clearing out your sinuses. Or, if you have wasabi, give it a try!
  2. Headache —  Instead of turning to aspirin or other common pain relievers, try drinking a few gulps of Gatorade. The minerals in the drink will help to relieve the headache nicely, and sans side effects.
  3. Burns — If you’ve burned yourself on a hot stove or curling iron, apply a bit of Colgate toothpaste to the burned area. It makes a wonderful salve that can reduce blistering and speed up healing.
  4. Sore Throat ––  Ginger tea and honey makes one heck of a sore throat remedy, but vinegar and honey work just as well. Mix up a teaspoon of each, and take it up to six times each day. The vinegar will work wonders at killing off that bacteria causing the sore throat.
  5. Achy Muscles — Flu got your muscles aching and sore? Mix olive oil with a bit of horseradish, and let it sit for half an hour. Use the stinky concoction as a muscle rub, and give yourself a good massage to let the nutrients of the rub sink in to your muscles and relieve the tension.
  6. Urinary Tract Infections –– Want to get rid of that UTI? Use Alka Seltzer when your symptoms break out, and you’ll find that it will help to deal with the problem almost immediately. This only works with original Alka Seltzer.
  7. Toe Fungi –– Use Listerine to get rid of any fungi growing around your toenails. Soak your toes in the mouthwash for a few minutes, and rinse them off. The menthol and other ingredients in the Listerine will kill off the fungi.


  1. Skin Blemishes –– Want to leave your skin looking beautiful and blemish-free? Dab a bit of honey onto the blemishes, and cover with Band-Aid overnight.
  2. Rust Removal –– Coca Cola is surprisingly effective at getting rid of rust, and leaving any rusty items in a cup of Coke will do the trick. You can also use an abrasive sponge with Coke on it to scrub away the rust.
  3. Loose Eyeglasses –– Worried that the little screw of your eyeglasses is going to pop out? Apply a single drop of Maybelline Crystal Clear nail polish, and let it dry to ensure that the screw is going nowhere!
  4. Splinters ––  Got a splinter stuck in your skin? Squeeze a bit of Elmer’s Glue onto the area, and let it dry. When you pull off the dry glue, the splinter will be pulled out with it.
  5. Bees and Wasps –– Do you have a problem with wasps or bees in your home? Break out the Formula 409, and spray it at those buzzing pests. It’s as effective as any insecticide.
  6. Boils –-Use Hunt’s Tomato Paste to deal with your boils. Simply use the tomato paste as a compress, and let the acids in the tomatoes deal with the boil.
  7. Bruises –– Soak cotton balls in Heinz’s white vinegar, and apply the balls to your bruise for an hour to help them disappear.
  8. Broken Blisters — To reduce the pain of broken blisters, dip a cotton ball into Listerine and apply it to your skin. It will help to speed up healing and eliminate bacteria effectively!

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