American Apparel Brings a .NU Meaning to Style

Written by Ashley

American Apparel partners with LOOKBOOK.nu to bring us 64 pages of pure hype.

Basically we’re all obsessed with American Apparel. Leggings (and asses) all day, erry day. And while we appreciate their real-deal models ( none of that stick figure sh*t), we like a little fashion every once in a while. In comes their latest venture, for a hit of hype.

This 64-page print look book for American Apparel, featuring LOOKBOOK.nu users styling and modeling their garments blows every other look book out of the water. After all, nobody knows what the people want better than… the people. While AA states that their main interest was to showcase the “outside perspective” of their garments, they also took it upon themselves to re shoot the head of the LOOKBOOK.nu class with their own photogs & creative team in Downtown LA to grace the cover & hot like fire centerfold.

Pick up a free copy in stores – or check it here on AmericanApparel.net
Here are some of our fav shots. Whaddya think?

Callie (on the cover--shot by American Apparel)

Γ‚ Callie (on the cover--shot by American Apparel)

(featured, from L-R, on p50-51)

Γ‚ Zanita (p62-63)

 Denni (blogs as The Chic Muse, p48-49)

Denni (blogs as The Chic Muse, p48-49)

Sullivan (p32-33--shot by American Apparel)

Γ‚ Sullivan (p32-33--shot by American Apparel)

 Stylish Wanderer (p4-5)

Rachel, Noemi, Pascal (featured, from L-R, on p50-51)

 Zanita (p62-63)

Stylish Wanderer (p4-5)

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