Meet the World’s Angriest Cat

worlds angriest cat
Written by Gary

The world’s angriest cat gives ‘Grumpy Cat’ a run for his money.

worlds angriest cat

I think it is well established at this point that I don’t like cats. That being said, there is a special place in my heart for grumpy or angry cats, because rather than appearing condescending, they actually display their disdainful mood openly.

Garfi the cat is one such animal. Located in Turkey, Garfi is undoubtedly the world’s angriest looking cat, even though he obviously has a sense of humor if he is willing to pose for such ridiculous photos.

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Take a look at the little bugger and see if you agree. I personally think he has the angry, burn the world down Heath Ledger as The Joker face Mariah Carey probably makes when she is constipated from chasing a case of Doritos with 3 boxes of wine.

worlds angriest cat


worlds angriest cat


worlds angriest cat


worlds angriest cat

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