This Angry Baby is an Entire Internet Mood

angry baby
Written by Ruth K

Who knew an angry baby could be so adorably relatable? Even more adorable than this newborn puppy photography.

Angry baby wins the internet today

Justine Tuhy has done countless newborn photo shoots, but none prepared her for Luna Musa. The three week old infant scrunched her face and looked straight into the camera, unimpressed.

Soon after Tuhy posted Luna’s photos on Facebook, one picture quickly garnered more than 2,000 comments and 3,000 shares. Luna, the angry baby model of everyone’s dreams, was a star. Few can claim her level of web fame at such an early age.

Luna’s father calls it “mean mugging”

Luna’s father, Christian Musa, admits that Luna was not acting — she has been an angry baby since day one. He adorably calls it “mean mugging,” the same face he used to jokingly make at work.

Despite the facial expressions, Tuhy states that the shoot was an absolute delight. “She was completely content. She just gave me the stare-down the entire time.”

Christian and Lori, Luna’s parents, began seeing their child all over the internet. In some photos, Luna was pasted over Baby Yoda and GoT characters.  They even received a text from Lori’s sister, “One of my patients came over and told me to look at this cute baby and I was like, ‘That’s my niece.’”

Tuhy was more than happy that the pictures brought happiness to others.

“All I was doing was my job. Miss Luna did all the incredible work with her silly facial expressions,” she said. “I’m super blessed to have captured this special moment for the family that they can cherish forever.”

The comments came in quick, and some were absolute gems. One user commented, “She’s like why are all you up in my face and you got me covered this way.”

Another posted, “I always thought you applied for a job at the DMV. Turns out, employees are BORN.”

We all needed a dose of angry baby this holiday season. Thank you, Internet.

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