Anna Wintour Is Getting A Musical

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Anna Wintour just got a musical, because of course she did.

There comes a time in every gay man’s life when he realizes that there is a musical that he is going to hate. It’s usually pretty tragic because as a gay man I live for a musical. To this day, I still say that my defense will be “he ran into my knife ten times,” but I guess I just gave that away. Ryan Raftery, a frequent man among the off Broadway crowd is putting on a musical based on Anna Wintour.

The musical is titled: Ryan Raftery Is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion. Who doesn’t love a selfish personal plug? Ryan told The Cut, “She’s Darth Vader and Hilary Clinton in one little package.” Honestly, I think that’s the best description for the designer clad editor. The musical is set to be centered around the whole Kimye cover and whether or not Wintour will still have a job.

What a time to be alive!

UPDATE: Wintour’s daughter, Bee Schaffer, attended the show and apparently cracked up the whole time. Page Six reports that Wintour had heard about the drag musical and sent her minion (daughter) to see how it went.


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