Top Five Reasons People Hate Your Emails

If people aren’t responding to your annoying emails, you may need a harsh dose of internet reality.

annoying emails

I get hundreds of emails every day, and I probably read less than five of them. Unless you are a prospective client or a friend, I will probably hit the delete button so fast my press-on nail will shatter.

There is no denying that emails are a pretty good form of communication, especially if you need to say something that can’t be conveyed in a text message or 140 characters, but they can also be annoying as hell. Spam emails are pretty bad, but at least you can recognize them within seconds, and delete them immediately. The worst emails come from your acquaintances; the ones that could potentially be important, and trick you into opening them before you realize how annoyed you are about to become.

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Luckily The Oatmeal always has a way of bringing these technological faux pas to life, so take a look at the top five reasons people hate your emails. If you do any of these things, you should probably smash your computer to smithereens, or take a class on internet etiquette at Arizona State College.

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