Another new Halo Top flavor is about to hit stores!

Written by Bryce

Get excited, there’s another new Halo Top flavor!

What’s festive, low-calorie, and reminds you of the holidays, only cooler? The new Halo Top flavor, that’s what! Halo Top Creamery is debuting its brand-new seasonal flavor, Gingerbread House, available only for a limited time this December. It’s loaded with ginger cookie bites and rich swirls of icing, and we’re assuming at least a sprinkle or two of cheer. It’s the second new seasonal flavor after much-heralded Halo Top Pumpkin Pie.

This new Halo Top flavor comes in addition to all the dairy-free and vegan Halo Top offerings, because the world is a wonderful and just place. Gingerbread House, the brand’s second seasonal flavor, will hit retailers later this November and remain on store shelves through the end of the year. With 360 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint, it’s a creamy and seasonally-perfect addition to our freezers that steers clear of our waistlines.

Oh, and yes, you totally can buy Halo Top online. Go here.

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