Art Spotting: Yolanda Sanchez’s Adult Finger Paintings

Written by Tanner

Playful finger painting or master work of art worth millions?

Whoever said finger painting was just for kids? Artist Yolanda Sanchez doesn’t seem to think it is; each of her pieces is so eye-catching, with the use of bright, vibrant colors and powerful, strong strokes! At first glance, Sanchez’s paintings look like hap-hazard explosions of color splattered on canvas, but after a second glance, you will start to notice that the colors are layered with such an expert precision that lend each piece dramatic depth and an intriguing quality that will keep eyes jumping from corner to corner for hours (if you’ve got the time)! And even if you don’t have a couple hours to gaze, at least take a couple minutes to enjoy some of Sanchez’s stellar works below:

*Editor’s note: I owe thanks to my friend J, who turned me onto this artist completely unintentionally, when he sent me a random text this morning, “Thanks Yolanda Sanchez” after I promised to send long-overdue and much anticipated files. Intrigued, I googled the name to see to whom I was being compared against, and found this artist. Confused, I inquired as to what Yolanda and I shared in common, and J simply replied, “I dunno who that is,” – he completely pulled the name out of thin air for flare! Coincidence or fate that we needed to cover this artist this week on TLS – you decide.

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