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Add A Little Avocado To Your Beauty

Written by Bryce

Avocado is chock full of health benefits, but did you know adding avocado to your beauty routine can leave you more gorgeous than ever?

Aside from the obvious hydration properties of avocados, this rich nut is filled with good-for-hair-and-skin carotenoids, beta sitosterol, folate, and a variety of other essential nutrients. Here are a few fab ideas for working avocado into your beauty routine:

1. Eye cream. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado is gentle, doesn’t migrate into eyes (phew!), and is a fave for those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers. Available here.

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2. Hair. This Philip B. shampoo looks totally glam in the corner of any shower or bath, but the added avocado will leave your hair shiny and smooth, and peppermint will invigorate your scalp. Available at

3. Face mask. Juara makes an avocado-infused face mask that’s like a smoothie for the face. It’s full of avocados, bananas, and moisture galore. It’s a leave on, so there’s nothing easier than throwing a layer of this on at night, sleeping through it, and rinsing in the morning. A total must for dry skin sufferers. Available here.

4. Lips. Marc Jacobs, you’re everything, aren’t you? His Lip Lock Moisture Balm is infused with real avocado action, and will satiate all your designer needs. Available here.

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