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Awkward Spotting: Cookie Jar Covered in Boobs

cookie jar breasts
Written by Gary

cookie jar breastsHave you ever stood in your kitchen and thought: “This kitchen could really use a cookie jar covered in tits.”? I know I have. Luckily, some strange artist (Jonathan Adler) out there decided to make the fantasies of every young boy come true, and create this multi-breasted cookie jar. Not only will this cookie jar desensitize your children to the naked human body, but it will also sub-consciously remind them of milk, so every time they grab for a cookie they won’t forget that they also need calcium. Do you think a cookie jar covered in knockers is inappropriate? Well, let me ask you this: Was it inappropriate when you let your baby munch on your nipples in the cafe section of a grocery store all those years ago? Everybody has boobs, and if we are being completely honest with ourselves, everyone loves celebrating boobs. I truly believe this should extend over into our decor, and our every-day lives.

PS, if you love the boobie-covered cookie jar, there is also a vase version for your favorite florals.

jonathan adler breast vase

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