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Baby Luxe Crave – Cashmere Blankets

Written by Jess L

OK, so you know by now about my obsession with cashmere. I wear it. My kid wears it. My husband wears it. If I had a pet, my pet would probably wear it.

This post is about taking cashmere to the next level.

If you have a baby or a small child, you’ll relate to the desire to wrap them in bubble wrap so nothing can ever hurt them. Not a very healthy instinct, but understandable. In lieu of making your child The Boy In The Bubble, though, I propose a different approach: give them really really soft stuff to cuddle.

The Pashmina Store was kind enough to make that a reality for my little girl. She’s not a baby anymore, but she’s small enough that she gets cold when playing in the snow (which, by the way, won’t quit this year; have you noticed?) They sent me one of their Cashmere Baby Blankets to try out, because I’m a luxe blogger and I get perks like that, so deal with it.

Okay. So first thing’s first: this blanket is the most gorgeous colour. My daughter’s favourite colour is red, and so she requested the red one. But this isn’t the tacky fire-engine red of a Tonka truck. This thing is the stunning russet-red of the best kind of fall leaves. It is just stunning.

It’s also soft. Really, really soft. I gave it to my daughter and she wrapped herself in it and said, “Mommy, is it made out of bunnies?”

Like the mean mom I am, I sent her out to play in the snow in the backyard until she was cold. She came in and immediately demanded her blanket. You can see the result.

The verdict: if you like soft things that feel like they’re made of bunnies, pick one of these things up.

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Jess L

Jess completed her PhD in English and then decided she liked schmoozing better than the library. Now she's a social media marketing consultant who dazzles clients by day and teaches MBAs by night before heading off to the next gala. She's based in Toronto but has lived all over the world and loves to travel more than anything else. She's a mom but doesn't dress like one; her 3-year-old daughter loves silk and cashmere, and inherited her mama's taste for the good things in life! Jess covers baby and kid luxe for TLS.

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