Backwards Bra Fights Against Aging Cleavage…?

Written by Ashley

Suffering from saggy cleavage? Wear this thing.

According to The Frisky, La Decollete introduced this bra as” the innovative solution for obtaining and maintaining a nice, smooth and tight neckline!”

Wait, wait, wait. I was always told wearing a bra to bed would make aging happen in the breast-icle area happen faster. Now, I have to wear one, BACKWARDS, to make my boobs look like they’re 15 again? I mean, when I was 15 my boobs hardly existed. I kind of like how they’ve aged (read: grown), and I’m confident I attract more action with my ‘old‘ boobs than I would by wearing this to bed. Unless, of course,Β  I paired this contraption with some tasteful boobie-tassles.

Via TheFrisky via Refinery29

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