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10 Horrible Childhood Hairstyles

When I was young, my mother did a number on me. I generally believe she is a saint in most cases, but the one area where she absolutely did not excel, was haircuts. I know we didn’t have the cash-flow to be traipsing around Cost-Cutters, but the least she could do is find some random stranger who knew how to work a pair of scissors.

horrible childhood hairstyles

Even though my mom sucked at it, she continued to give us haircuts until we were old enough to protest. I have evidence of this child abuse, i.e. all my “photo day” proofs that we never purchased because we were poor, and because my hair looked like a fucking science project.

To celebrate this, I have found the 10 most horrible childhood hairstyles on The Internet. The 11th is a photo of me, because journalistic integrity is super important to me.

If you need help figuring out which one I am, just know that the same scissors my mom used to cut my hair were used to trim the photo.

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