Balayage at Home is Now Possible Thanks to This Kit

balayage at home
Written by Bryce

Balayage at home FTW

In the off chance you’re not down to blow your entire beauty budget on a $400 salon day, good news — you can now balayage at home, and the results are better than we ever imagined (no crunchy hair or awkward streaking in site at all). It’s one of the best hair highlight ideas we’ve seen in ages.

before balayage at home


after balayage at home


Madison Reed’s Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit is an ammonia-free, two-step kit that gives natural-looking balayage at home highlights without having to go anywhere at all. Unless you consider walking to your bathroom going somewhere, that is.

It’s the only home balayage kit that offers the same two-step salon process of first lightening, then toning to refine the color. It’s the toning process that gives more natural-looking balayage highlights, and that’s what we’re here for. The kit also includes a special Wishbone balayage at home tool for easy DIY application that doesn’t look DIY at all.

balayage at home kit, step one

It’s on sale now in four shades at $44.95 (hello, that’s the cost of a dry at a blowout bar!) and will be also be availble at Ulta soon enough.

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