DIY Bug Bite Treatment

diy bug bite treatment
Written by Allison

Easiest DIY bug bite treatment ever

Every summer without fail I become a victim to mosquito bites. Seriously! I’m one of those people who have an oversized reaction to your average mosquito bite. Instead of a little bump I get a welt around the size of a nickel. In all my years getting eaten alive by mosquitos I had yet to find a but bite treatment that actually worked. Sure, some lotions and potions would temporarily reduce the itch but nothing ever wowed me — till I made my own DIY bug bite treatment.

DIY bug bite treatment

At the beginning of this summer I made it my mission to find some sort of concoction that would work. Who would have thought the best combination is only two ingredients?

Super easy DIY bug bite treatment

Pinterest’s all time favorite ingredients: Coconut oil and clay. I’m using organic coconut oil and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (otherwise known as calcium bentonite clay). The clay is powdered which makes it super easy to store and mix! I should note that I also tried using this clay as toothpaste in the past, and you can read about that here.

diy bug bite treatment

The best thing about this DIY bug bite treatment is that you can make as much or as little as you need. Accidentally walk into a swamp? Make a big batch and store in a mason jar for a few days. One random mosquito gotcha? Make up a single serving in your palm.

I generally go for the one off mix so I’m 100% sure that no bacteria has worked its way into my pre-made mix. I take about 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil and let it melt with the heat of my hand.

diy bug bite treatment

Then just mix in as much powdered clay as it takes to make a thick paste. Because this is oil based you really do want the paste to be thick. A thin or runny texture is just going to get messy.

diy bug bite treatment

Apply this DIY bug bite treatment to your spot for as long as you can keep it there. Because it’s basically mud on your skin (and it never dries down thanks to the oil) it can get messy and stain. I can usually manage an hour or so before wiping it off.

The magical mix of oil and clay soothes the skin and pulls out the enzymes that cause the itch (I’ve even seen people using it as a backup antifungal treatment for fungal acne, but we’ll talk about that later). As someone who doesn’t really believe all the natural beauty woo woo I was amazed this worked so well. I’ve tested this on a few occasions so far this summer and have found this but bite treatment to work every time. Usually I’ll apply the treatment in the evening and when I wake up the next morning the bite has almost entirely disappeared.

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