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Bandaids Change Color to Show Infection

Written by Bryce

Science goes one step beyond cool to make health awesome.

Cuts and scrapes have always been hard to decipher until now. Infected? Not? Who knows? Scientists in Germany have started placing pH-sensitive dye in bandages that actually change color upon contact with infected fluids. That’s pretty incredible, because if you’re aware of an infection early on you’re more likely to treat it. Less infection means faster healing, less scarring, and happier humans (especially kids)!..

“…the researchers had to ensure the dye remained chemically stable when bonded to the fibers of the dressing material or the plaster to ensure it doesn’t get into the wound. They also had to ensure the indicator showed a clear change in color and reacted sensitively in the right pH range.

The researchers have already produced a prototype of the dressing and they say initial tests have proved successful. They are now looking to take the idea further with plans to integrate optical sensor modules into the dressing to measure the pH value and indicate the results on a reader unit. This would allow the pH value to be read off precisely, providing information about how the wound is healing.”

via Neatorama

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