Bathroom Spotting: Swim With The Fishies (Or Poop On ‘Em)

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

You really should be having more fun on the crapper, you know.

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Ah, voyeurism at its best. If you thought sharing a bathroom with a couple of roommates was an invasion of privacy, try sharing one with a bunch of fishies. You hop in the shower, relieved to finally snag a little alone time and rinse the stench of last night’s vodka off your body. But then—HOLY CRAP—a tank full of goldfish are just sitting there waiting, watching, staring at you like little creeps.

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You sit down on the toilet, excited that your new boy toy is gone and you can finally blow up the bathroom. But uh, it smells like someone else has already been in there…and they definitely weren’t human. OH SHIT! There’s an aquarium inside your actual potty!

Fish ‘n Flush Toilet-Tank Aquarium Kit, $171.50

You go to wash your hands after housing an entire bag of Doritos. And, come to find out, Jaws is real. How do you know? Well, because he now resides in your sink.

Moody Aquarium Sink, $4,500

So, um, who wants to go fishing?

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