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This Beachside Dog Bar in Croatia is Everything

Written by Bryce

There’s a beachside dog bar in Croatia and we’re ready to pack our pups and go.

Hey dog parents, if you were excited by our dog friendly hotels piece from earlier this week, you’ll be over-the-top excited to find out there is an actual dog bar in Croatia. What’s a dog bar, you ask? It’s basically everything you would ever want in a human bar, but furry best friend-ready, and unlimited levels of vacation-adorable.

Monty’s Dog Beach


This super cute dog bar opened in Crikvenica, Croatia about a year ago, and has been serving cute pups and owners ever since. Dogs are welcome just about everywhere at the bar — in the loungers, on the sand, and even sprawled out on the dog bar itself. The menu even offers a brew (yeah, dog beer) made from chicken and veggies (gross, but anything to make Fido happy, right?), and pup-friendly “ice cream” that is made of bananas, soy milk, peanuts, and yogurt. Frankly, we’d like to eat that unusual ice cream, too.

Monty’s Dog Beach

There’s also an herbal tea at the dog bar made just for him, not you, in case he goes overboard on the dog beer and needs to chill out, remove some toxins, and get his party pants back in order. There are a bunch of human food and drink options too, but who cares? Not us. The only way this could be better is if your dog could get paid to travel the world and drink canine-appropriate beer.

Monty’s Dog Beach

If your dog is insta-famous, he’ll enjoy access to the free onsite wifi as well. Hooray!

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