Introducing Beard Baubles

beard baubles
Written by Gary

Beard Baubles, also known as Christmas ornaments for your beard.

beard baubles
If your boyfriend is one of the currently trending lumbersexuals traipsing around town in full bearded drag, you should probably listen up.
The latest craze in Beard culture is here, in the form of Beard Baubles. Beard Baubles are the best way to decorate your boyfriend’s facial hair this holiday season. Want to stand out a holiday party? Adorn your beard. Want to impress your judgey in-laws with some holiday cheer? Slap some shiny balls in your beard. Yes, in case you are wondering, I am aware that sentence works on many levels.

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Beard Baubles are basically just Christmas ornaments with bobby pins instead of hooks, so if you are a broke ass hoe like me, feel free to make your own.
If you aren’t the artsy-craftsy type, you can also buy them here.

beard baubles

beard baubles

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