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Your Bearded Boyfriend May Have Poop On His face

beards and fecal matter
Written by Gary

A new study finds that hipster beards contain fecal matter.

beards and fecal matter

We have been talking a lot about beards lately, and not the John Travolta kind. The whole lumbersexual thing has kind of died down now, and all the gays that tried out a beard for the first time (myself included) have gone back to the clean-shaven faces they love to stuff in other guys buttholes. Straight guys are a little late to the game, but then we did kind of steal this whole idea from them in the first place. All that may change however, now that it has been proven that a lot of beards contain fecal matter.

A new study by a group of microbiologists in New Mexico have found that the rancid bacteria found in beards contain the same stuff commonly found in feces.

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We have discussed how beards can be a health hazard (if kept unclean), but we have never come out and said that there may be feces on your boyfriend’s beard.

So if your guy is the type of guy that looks to good with a little scruff to shave, warn him to wash his hands often and keep his hands away from your face.

The last thing you need is another UTI, #AmIRight?

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