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The Chicest Outdoor Fitness Essentials

Written by Bryce

Outdoor fitness is everything when the weather is good, but staying chic is more of a project than in the gym when battling earthly elements. Here are the chicest options in town:

1. You’re going to need a backpack. You can throw your waterbottle, deodorant, varied beauty and wipedown essentials, and all the other weird stuff you’ll need to accomplish your 5 mile hike or jog through a wildflower patch. This one is Marc by Marc Jacobs, adjustable, and will up your cool quotient about 4000 percent. Available here.

2. Protect your scars like nobody’s biz! Maybe it’s from a shaving accident back in 2014, or a kitchen fiasco seven years ago, but there’s a good chance you have at least a couple scars on your arms, hands, or legs that risk sun exposure every day. Mederma works even on old scars to lessen their appearance, but one of the most important things you can do is make sure they’re protected from the sun– the last thing you need is your scar turning from mild to deep purple, brown, or red from sun exposure. Mederma with SPF 30 helps treat and protect the scar simultaneously, and the tube is tiny enough to throw in your bag without noticing. Available here.

3. Aren’t these just the cutest? CALIA by Carrie is a relatively new line of fitness apparel by Carrie Underwood, and the details and prints offer a touch of higher end fashion to mundane life tasks like working out. These leggings are everything and then some, and are totally affordable here.

4. Add some resistance. Even a brisk 30 minute walk can give you real results, but if you’re not the type to run like the wind, try adding some resistance to up your calorie burn and muscle building. You can buy inexpensive ankle and wrist weights that hardly make a noticeable difference when you walk, but can easily burn an extra 30-80 calories per day when worn during workouts. Available under $15 here.

5. Protect your kisser. As if you weren’t already loaded up on lip butters and balms from The Body Shop, this one is chock full of vitamin E and SPF to keep lips smooth, hydrated, and protected. It’s cheap enough to buy a bunch of so you’ve got one in every bag, too. Available here.

Can we talk about how cool the kaleidoscope print on these @brooksrunning kicks is?! Running on clouds, I swear.

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6. Kaleidoscope kicks. Have you seen these new Brooks Running kicks? They’re possibly the most comfortable sneakers my feet have ever known (they feel like existing on clouds), but they’re also so bright, fun, and cute that I get stopped by people all the time when I wear them. And yes, I wear them at least 3x a week. The shoe is called the Ghost 7 and is worth every single penny and then some. Available here.

7. Wipes, wipes, wipes. You’ll be hot and sweaty, and you’ll also have that handy backpack to hold a few key essentials. Your skin will thank you endlessly for wiping away sweat, oil, and weird outdoor dirt that manages to fly into your face. PONDS Exfoliating Renewal towelettes get the job done easily, quickly, and gently exfoliate sticky dirt and outdoor fitness debris away from the face so skin stays clean and pores don’t fill up with gunk. Available here.

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