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BeauteNotions Immaculash 360 Boasts 2 Wands in 1 Tube

immaculash 360 mascara
Written by Bryce

More wand for your buck.

In today’s edition of new and interesting beauty products, we’re going to up the mascara wand ante by suggesting you toss your old lash routine to the wind. You’ve probably been coating your lashes with your favorite single-wand mascara for decades, but the new BeauteNotions Immaculash 360 mascara offers two separate wands in the same tube and we’re here for it. It pairs nicely with our tips on how to make eyelashes grow, too.

Instead of packing additional beauty tools in your carryon, you can lift, curl, separate and lengthen as you coat each lash from every angle. Immaculash offers a full 360 degrees of coverage that rivals the more semi-permanent concept of keratin-based eyelash lifts. You’ll definitely want to show your new eyeball bangs off after you’ve dedicated mornings and nights to the applying the best eye creams for wrinkles and crows feet.

Immaculash 360 mascara

According to the manufacturer, by placing your top lashes between the dual wands and using the wands together (think of them like chopsticks), you’ll get an even application on both upper and lower lashlines as well as hard-to-reach corners. The trick is to push the button on the side of the tube to bring the dual wands together, but you can also use them individually for a more targeted application. Did we mention it’s vegan and cruelty-free? It is.

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