Beauty Spotting: 5 Beach Bag Must Haves

Written by Olga

The 5 essentials every beach bag should carry.

The best part about a beach bag is that you can throw in everything but the kitchen sink into it (my macbook is in mine right now). This summer, however, don’t be caught unprepared. Every beach bag should have some essentials. Here are mine:

I cannot stress sun screen enough. Not only did Australian Gold SPF 15 get me through my weekend at the beach, it also smells great. The only drawback is that any sort of breeze will pray the SPF all over the place. Apply at home. Once you’re at the beach and in the waves, I suggest spraying right after you get out of the water and every 30 minutes after.

After splashing around in the salty waves and tanning your face off in the sun, your lips will need some nourishment. Beecology chap stick is the best damn chap stick on the market right now. Take it from me, my lips are huge and need chap stick all year round. The chap stick also has a lot of mint in it and will give your lips some plump in case your lacking in fullness.

Keep the delicate skin under your eyes protected from the sun’s beams with a hot pair of shades. I’m obsessed with this pair from Elizabeth and James. Perfect for the beach. Just remember to leave them in your bag before you hit the waves!

Our savvy intern Emily always freezes her water bottles before going to the beach all day. That way the water stays cool and keeps you hydrated all day long.

Don’t forget to time your tan with these cute and water resistent Modify Watches. 20 minutes per side!

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