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Beauty Spotting: Awesome Face, Skin, & Hair Moisturizers

Written by emilyc

We are on the brink of fall, which means you’re not going to feel as disgusting when you put on moisturizer. This is good news for your hair, skin, and face because moisturizers work to smooth the appearance of skin and absorb water from the air around you (something that you’ll be thankful for once summer is gone). Keeping your hair moisturized helps protect it from the elements like harsh sun and wind. Here are some of my faves that a have ready to be unleashed when fall arrives:

For my face, I use Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. It contains SPF 15 – something that should be a year-round staple for skin health – and plumps fine lines and firms dehydrated skin. Oh, and it doesn’t actually contain dragon’s blood – it’s just an edgy name for soothing tree sap extract.

For my skin, I use Nourish Organic Body Lotion. It’s chemical free, cruelty free, and greasy-feeling free. This soothing wild berry scented lotion can be applied quickly and easily to skin for an all natural, hydrating finish for even the most sensitive of skin.

¬†When my hair gets dry (which is always), I use Yes To Carrots Leave-In Conditioner. With the help of argan oil and keratin, this product repairs, strengthens, and softens hair without the use of parabens or weird chemicals. It’s rich in hair-healthy vitamins and is just the relief that your overworked tresses need.

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