Vintage Spotting: The Evolution of Mariah Carey

Written by emilyc

The inspiration for writing this was a conversation I had with my sister about how we used to be surprised and offended by Mariah Carey’s midriff-bearing top on the back cover of her 1995 album Daydream (pictured below). That top was more like an accidental-breeze-that-made-the-button-down-oxford-move-so-as-to-show-45%-of-her-bellybutton shirt. My sister remarked that these days, someone could be naked on the cover of an album and we would merely say, “Oh, ok,” whereas in 1995, that 45% of a bellybutton made us say, “Oh my!” in a disapproving manner. It’s interesting to look back on how pop culture has evolved when it comes to the topic of censorship. That hair is a whole different issue.

The offensively conservative outfit

She is serving us 90s minimalism with a side of Beyonce

If the midriff top didn’t offend, this hair sure did

These were dark times in the world of fashion

I might actually prefer her 90s ensembles, but see? We don’t think twice about this ensemble. At least not really…

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