Beauty Spotting: Chinese Jade Flawless Energizing Cream

Written by Casey

Chinese Jade CC Day Wear Skin Flawless Energizing Cream

Personally, I absolutely adore getting luxury beauty products or makeup as presents. I feel like I am adding to my collection and will eventually have my own little mini Sephora in my bathroom. So this season, I was thinking of getting my friends, (Or, friends if you are reading this you can get this for ME! Yes, I am looking at YOU) Lily Herbceuticals’s Chinese Jade CC Day Wear Skin Flawless Energizing Cream.

Lily Herbceuticals Chinese Jade Day CC Wear Skin Flawless Energizing Cream aims to bridge the gap between cosmetics and skin care even more effectively than BB (Blemish Balm) Cream. The new product is particularly formulated with a much lighter texture, made for better blending and a matte finish while allowing skin to breathe.  It is an essential in one’s daily skin care regimen and can be used under makeup throughout the day for an ultimate effect of a flawless complexion.

This plentiful cream is more refined and successful in allowing one to see results, functions and the benefits instantly.  Lily Herbceuticals uses only the best and most effective super-potent active ingredients for anti-aging. The CC cream is comprised of a great amount of peptides, fermented Japanese black tea, Chinese Jade extract, Vitamin E and more, to aide in achieving an ultimate anti-aging and multi-tasking cream that balances, brightens and evens skin tone as well as moisturizes and covers blemishes.

The exquisite product is parabens, petrochemical and talc free and retails for $48 and is available online here.

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