Travel Spotting: Mediterranean Boutique

Written by Casey

Carthusia, the luxury perfumery of Capri

I like a shopping trip where the the store looks like a gorgeous museum. In Capri, Carthusia has symbolized  luxury Italian fragrance since 1948, selling perfumes to the soigné Caprese set, glitzy tourists and even royals. Legend has it that in 1380, a priest from the Carthusian Monastery in Capri created a perfume for Queen Giovanna.

Famous shoppers have included, Jacqueline Onassis, Frank Sinatra and George Clooney have visited the company’s factory and flagship store. There are three other outposts in Capri and several throughout Italy.

When visiting be sure to take in their vast selection of eaux de toilette, perfumes and diffusers (from $65), featuring the popular unisex Mediterraneo (lemon, green tea) and Gelsomini di Capri, a floral-based fragrance for women. The latest creation, dubbed Capri Forget Me Not, boasts notes of mint, vanilla and fig. Viale

Visit their website if you can’t make it to Capri but still want luxurious perfume.

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