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Beauty Spotting: Halloween Beauty Essentials

Halloween makeup cosmetics products
Written by emilyc

Halloween makeup cosmetics products

Just because you’ll be in a costume on Halloween does not mean that you don’t want to be pretty. Witches can be pretty, too, and so can policewomen, Disney Princesses, and superheroes – as long as the following Halloween cosmetic essentials are put to use. I opted to go with a galactic superhero moment for my costume. Here’s how I got the look!

I had a fabulous Lisa Blue swimsuit that wasn’t being showcased to its full potential, so I decided to make it a swimsuit/costume hybrid. The result perfectly futuristic and superhero-esque.

To make my hair superhero-sleek without smelling like hairspray from the 1980s, I smoothed my ponytail with some Wen Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme (1). The results were exactly what I wanted – I felt like my hair could have withstood a long taxing night of trick-or-treating.

mark. eyeshadows  (2) provided the perfect palette for my eyes – not too costumey, not too bright – I like. Flawless skin is one of the most important costume accessories, in my opinion. I achieved this Halloween must with Elizabeth Grant’s Beautiful Colours Tinted Primer and Pore Minimizer (3). I’m telling you, your pores will actually disappear.

How did my lips get so black and what did I use for my lightning bolt eye art? Emotional Brilliance from Lush Cosmetics is the answer (4). I promise there is an emotional brilliance hue that matches whatever your costume may be this year. It’s the easy and precise way to make cool designs or tattoos on your skin Best of all, it’s safe to use on your eyes and/or lips!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween cosmetics beauty products

Halloween beauty essentials costumes makeup superhero

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