Beauty Spotting: The Scoop On Oils

Written by Casey

Beauty Spotting: The Scoop on Oils

My mother has been using oils instead of creams or lotions for years and years. I never understood it. I myself, love a good moisturizer and don’t feel like my skin is nourished untill I lather un-g*dly amounts of my Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C and Kiehls Creme de Corps moisturizers.

I decided to take a little risk and experiment with oils and found that a lot of them have similar effects to regular moisturizers. Last month when I was in Sundance, I used EG oils made with Concentrate on my face and hands and found my skin was completely refreshed and moisturized. The main difference was that the oil didn’t feel as heavy which I kind of enjoyed.

Secondly, I used a roll-on oil as my daily perfume. My mom got me Loree Rodkin’s oil in LA last summer. Mine smells like Vanilla and it is heavenly. Again, very light and since the scent is not sprayed there is more control for where you want it to be on your body.

My mother swears by oil of oregano, every time she thinks she s getting sick she takes a shot, yes a shot as in the alcohol kind, but with oil of oregano. And I swear it is the most disgusting smell on the planet, but it always gets rid of her cold! I’ve also invested in some Lavender Oil and leave the top open in my apartment and the scents infuse into my living room, and it is fantastic.

So what does all my blabbering mean? It means that I was a skeptic, but I think it is healthy to have a balance between the thick moisturizers we love so much and a less heavy oil to use on our skin every once in a while.

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