It’s a Thing: Beer Jelly

beer jelly
Written by Gary

An archaeologist-turned-entrepreneur has created the world’s first beer jam.

beer jelly

What should you do if you own a jelly company called ‘Potlicker’ and run out of fruit from which to make delicious preserves? Use beer instead, obviously.

Nancy Warner used to be an archaeologist until she quit her job to start a jam company. Originally the idea started out as a hobby because there wasn’t much work for archaeologists in Vermont. One day, she ran out of fruit and reached into her beer cupboard, instead. Frankly, I wonder what kind of person has a beer cupboard, but I digress. Warner did a lot of experimenting, and came up with a ‘beer jelly’ that is selling so well she produces 3,000 jars per week.

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Unfortunately, the alcohol is cooked out when the sugar is diluted, but if you like the taste of beer and have ever wondered what it would taste like on a peanut butter sandie, Potlicker beer jelly might need to go on your grocery list.

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