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Get The Look: Bella Thorne

Written by corey

When it comes to style, you never really think to look at the girls of the Disney Channel. I was very wrong. Bella Thorne, known for her role in Shake It Up, is not Disney shy when it comes to trying some risky fashion. Bella may only be 16 years old but she’s already making some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets look common. Cheers to you Bella!


Firstly, the whole outfit is a serious statement. I’m loving the Alice + Olivia skirt she’s wearing here. If you can afford to splurge for the real thing, go right ahead. Try this one from Forever21 — it’s a little more sheer and not as loud as the one Bella is wearing but it’s perfect for those spring nights. Available here.

I’m in love that she paired it with a cropped sweater and an oxford underneath. If that’s too many layers for you, just go for the cropped sweater. It’s a great piece to keep in your closet no matter the season. Available here.

While Bella went for the clutch, I think a simple crossbody is just as perfect — like this one from Fossil. Throw the chain over one shoulder and you’ll be able to dance all night long with your girls. Available here


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Corey is a self-proclaimed heiress and the love child of Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. He's a thug in a cocktail dress with a penchant for open-bars and puns. He has his barista's call him Beyonce and he's never been to Brooklyn.

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