Belotero is the New Dermal Filler for Necks

Written by Bryce

We’ve been fixing our foreheads and smile lines for years and years with Juvederm and Botox, but the newest filler on the market, Belotero, is the solution for saggy, aging necks. And word on the street is that it ain’t bad for saggy chin action, either.

A telltale sign of aging, neck lines and creases begin to form as the skin starts losing its elasticity and natural collagen production is reduced.   Skin loses elasticity through years of sun exposure and normal changes in hormone levels. Aging skin also becomes thinner and dryer, leading to wrinkling of the neck through repetitive movement and positioning.  Without enough collagen and elasticity, the skin is unable to fully return to its normal position.

“Dermal fillers are often used to treat lines and wrinkles of the face, and now it is also possible to rid the neck of creases as well,” says Joseph Eviatar, M.D., Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon and Surgical Director of Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates in NYC.  “Belotero, the latest dermal filler from the UK which has recently been approved for use in the US is the perfect option.”

Belotero is a unique, hyaluranic acid, dermal filler that seamlessly integrates with the skin and adapts to skin contours and plumps and adds volume to lines and creases of the neck.  Because Belotero is made of the same volumizing and moisturizing component of the skin and spreads evenly in the neck folds, Dr. Eviatar has found it to be a natural fit for neck rejuvenation.

“The difference is both related to the composition of Belotero, and the technique of injection,” explains Eviatar.  “Injections with Belotero are performed more superficially.   A“tyndell effect” (a darkening of the skin or blue hue) can sometimes occur with other HA products if they are injected superficially and this effect is less likely with Belotero.”  Additionally, Belotero has a thinner consistency which allows the doctor to gently and instantly fill the finest of lines.  One treatment of Belotero was shown in clinical studies to last from 9 to 12 months.

A good candidate for Belotero is someone between the ages of 30 and 60 with neck creases and lines without overly lax or hanging skin.  “Belotero is an exciting option for those who do not need a surgical necklift or who want some instant improvement,” says Dr. Eviatar.

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