Relationship Spotting: How to Get Revenge on a Cheating Ex

Written by Gary

One of the most harmful side effects of a relationship is cheating. Unfortunately,when you get into a relationship there is no warning label slapped on your man’s ass that warns you of his bad habits. So what do you do when you find out your man has stepped out on you? Get revenge, of course. I don’t mean things like spray-painting “I hope she was worth it” on his car, or burning all his clothes in your jacuzzi tub, because those methods are reserved for country music songs and dead rappers. Here are few healthier ways to get revenge when you have been wronged:

Hit the gym. I know this may be obvious, but you have to remember that you will probably be depressed after the breakup, and exercise automatically lifts your mood. It is single-handedly the quickest way to cheer you up not to mention your body will be banging when you deny him the ex-sex he comes crawling after. Oh yeah- and the gym is also a great place to meet a hot guy for some quick rebound sauna blowies and finger-banging.

Take up some new hobbies. The best hobby you could try is having sex with a stranger, but if that fails, take the opportunity to throw yourself into some activities you have always wanted to try. Whether its knitting, kite-surfing, or dealing drugs, you are bound to meet some new people. Your new-found sense of adventure will also leave him wondering why you never wanted to try new things with him (the perfect mind-fuck).

Go on a vacation. I personally believe you don’t really need a reason for an impromptu vacation, but it is definitely one of the best ways to stick it to your ex. Even if you have to go by yourself, getting away from a situation is the best way to get some perspective on it. You can spend a weekend reading on the beach, or partying your ass off in Atlantic City, but either way you should blast it all over Facebook so your ex has to sit at home and think about all the guys you are dry-humping.

The one thing that these three methods have in common is that they focus on bettering yourself. People that are victims of a cheater often focus on all the reasons it’s their fault. The truth is, all of the blame belongs to the cheater, and focusing on yourself after the breakup is the most surefire way of remembering how great you are, and how much you didn’t deserve to be mistreated.

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