This is the Only Sunscreen to Win a Perfect Rating from Consumer Reports

Written by Bryce

The best sunscreen? One that actually works.

We hope by now that you’re obsessed with sunscreen all year old not just because sun protection can keep sun damage cells at bay and your face generally looking younger, but because the risk of skin cancer is extremely real, and we’d like to see you stay your healthiest, most gorgeous self. You need the best sunscreen to do that.

On May 10thConsumer Reports released their 2018 Annual Sunscreen Guide where they tested and rated 73 lotions, sprays, and sticks with SPF claims of 30 or higher — 30 being the minimum level recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology – and 24 of them failed to meet the SPF claim on the label! Crazy, right? That means even if you think you’re buying a 30, 45, 50, or other level of sun protection, you may be getting nowhere near what’s advertised on the label. That’s not okay, and certainly makes finding the best sunscreen for your skin difficult.

best sunscreen la roche posay anthelios

So which product was rated the best sunscreen on the market right now for reliable, real coverage as advertised? La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk was the only SPF product tested that scored a perfect 100.

We’re excited about this one because we’ve loved the entire line for years, goes on light, works in smooth, and doesn’t leave any streaky white smears, greasy mess, or weird feelings when you plop your tush on a vinyl beach chair.

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