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Black Cow: The World’s First Vodka Made From Cow Milk

Black Cow Vodka
Written by Gary

It always surprises me when they come up with new ingredients to create vodka, since I always believed it was made by swarthy Russian women digging potatoes out of frozen ground. Jason Barber, a farmer from Dorset, England has shocked the shit out of me however, and perfected the world’s first vodka made from cow milk.

Black Cow Vodka

The vodka label is called Black Cow, and is created by separating milk into curds and whey (little Miss Muffet, eat your heart out). He makes cheese out of the curds, and uses the whey to ferment into beer, then uses special yeast to convert it into alcohol.

Barber says that he likes making vodka so much because it’s the only liquor that doesn’t give him a hangover. I wish I could relate.

But seriously, I will drink vodka out of anything, even cow tits.

Black Cow Vodka

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