The Ultimate Luxury of a Boeing Private Jet

Boeing private jet
Written by Gary

This Boeing private jet, the VIP 747-8, is the possibly most luxurious private aircraft ever.

Boeing private jet

First class is awesome and all, but the Boeing VIP 747-8 is in another league entirely. I mean, there are private jet options, and then there are Boeing private jet options. Literally drooling as I write this, because this jet is to the luxury travel industry what shaved truffles over mac n’ cheese is to the food industry.

Recently unveiled by Greenpoint Technologies for a private client, the new luxury jet is the worlds second-largest commercial airliner, second only to the Airbus A380, with 4,786 square feet of cabin space. Just in case you’re not considering how big that is, the average 6 bedroom house is about 3,900 square feet. You would be flying in something bigger than the average 6 bedroom house in America. Top that (just kidding, don’t try, you can’t).

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Nine VIP 747-8’s have already been ordered and are on their way to rich people and governments of small countries around the world. Like I said, there are private jets and there there’s Boeing private jet level. ***drool***

PS No offense to Delta first class, but we’ll never be satisfied again after having seen this.

Boeing private jet

Boeing private jet

Boeing private jet

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