Russia is Waging a War on Cheese

russian food import ban
Written by Gary

Russia is destroying hundreds of tons of food imported from Europe, declaring a full out war on cheese.

russian food import ban

Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore ass-backwards, Russia has decided (or should I say Vladimir V. Putin has decided) to enforce their ban of European food imports by destroying hundreds of tons of pork, tomatoes, cheese, and peaches, bulldozing them into landfills.

The original food ban began as retaliation against Western sanctions over Ukraine, but has now overtaken the country. Sneaky customs officials and importers have skirted the ban by lying about the origins of food shipments, thus a lot of European food can still be found in Russian stores. Frankly we can get over the pork and peaches, but a war on cheese?! Really, Russia?

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Personally I think this is pretty bat-shit, since Russia is a country with a history of food shortages. If you don’t believe me, just google Russia. I guarantee you most of the photos you see will be of dirty, dust-covered coal miners smoking cigarettes to stave off their hunger. Apparently they are doing better nowadays, but that still doesn’t justify destroying good food, especially when they could just ship it to countries in need.

Every time I read something new about Russia, from banning drivers licenses for trans communuty, to this colossal waste of food, I become more and more thankful that I was born in a place that understands how to recycle.

Plus, I love cheese. Like, I really, really love cheese.

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