The Book of Yeezus: We Knew It’d Come Eventually

book of yeezus
Written by Gary

The Book of Yeezus is a coffee table book that has replaced mentions of the word ‘God’ in the bible with the word ‘Kanye’.

book of yeezus

Everybody that is Kanye West knows without a shadow of a doubt that Kanye West is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since Jesus landed in his spaceship or whatever and turned water into vodka. Everybody that isn’t Kanye West knows that Kanye West is the douchiest thing to happen to mankind since the invention of Summer’s Eve.

It was really only a matter of time before those two things collided, and the Book of Yeezus came into being. Available on Etsy for only $20, the Book of Yeezus has taken all the mentions of ‘God’ out of the book of Genesis and replaced them with the word ‘Kanye’. About time, right? #Amen.

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book of yeezus

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