Bottle Service: Economy Style

Written by Bryce

I remember 2007 fondly.  I was too skinny, 23, and at a different nightclub every night of the week.  The economy was booming, and I seemed to be hopping from one table full of bottles to the next.  I actually never drank THAT much, as I prefer 1-2 really nicely concocted cocktails in an evening rather than a ton of mediocre alcohol and tonic.  Even the worst (names won’t be mentioned, it’s unladylike) vodkas sold steadily at $250 a bottle in any Manhattan lounge.  What a waste.


2009 brought a ton of wisdom and practicality.  The idea of having friends over and mixing my own perfect cocktail is actually farm more appealing than the prospect of another bridge and tunnel crowd… and I found just the perfect Vodka.  You can leave your Grey Goose and Belvie on their high shelves, because Sobieski just won my heart.  For only $15 a bottle, this Vodka tastes premium, goes down smooth, and will impress any Eastern European friend you may have over for cocktails.


Honestly, there’s just no reason to spend more if the perfect product is only $15.  Our casually drunk Fridays at offices have actually turned into who-can-make-up-a-new-Sobieski recipe” Fridays, and Ashley and Maura couldn’t be happier.  We found this delish recipe for a gingery drink of heaven, and we’ll definitely be repeat offenders!

Sobieski Secret
(Created by Junior Merino)
1 1/2 oz Sobieski Vodka
1/2 oz Canton Ginger Liquor
1 oz Caribik Sun Passion Fruit Concentrate
1/2 oz Lime Juice
Garnish: Black Berry, Raspberry & Blueberry pick and a mint sprig
Put all the ingredients in a shaker, shake and serve in a rocks glass.


…and just in case you’re still the wild party animal that you were in ’07, don’t worry, most bars and clubs worth going to already serve Sobieski.  Bottoms up!

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